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Joanne said – Totally in love with my anniversary/birthday present. Such a beautiful piece hung in pride place where I can see it everyday. Feeling privileged, thank you.


Andy said – Hi Laura. Loving our Road to the Sea. Thank you. x


Teresa said – We have a lovely new addition to our wall ?. Thank you Laura x


Fantastic to see you again Laura Wall – Artist and Illustrator. The new shop/gallery is looking amazing. I could have bought everything!! So thrilled with my new lamp. Love, love, love it. Thank you so much for Eloise’s card as well. Very kind of you. Some pictures of my ever growing collection!! Caroline, David and


I keep meaning to tell you that earlier this year my daughter (Sophie) turned 2 and we had a Goose cake to celebrate. Now, whenever we talk or read about tea parties and picnics and I ask her what everyone will be eating, her reply is ‘A goose cake’. All the best with the new studio gallery opening. Honk!


Sophie really enjoyed meeting Laura today and is thrilled with her new signed Goose books ? x

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