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Cornwall commission


Currently not taking anymore commissions due to a very full diary! If you would like to be notified when I will be taking them back on please drop us an email so we can add you to a mailing list.


I can paint you commission in the style of ‘Love at the Seaside’ with your family in the picture and in a special place.

I can work from any good quality family photos or information that you give me such as hair colour/ length/ height and will always provide you with sketches first for you to choose a composition before going ahead and painting the picture. A deposit is required once a picture is ordered and the rest on receipt of the painting.

Prices start from £1500, if you are interested please drop me an email with your idea, size and time scales and I would be happy to discuss it further with you.

Frequently asked questions

Can I base my painting on anywhere?
Providing I have good photos I can base the painting wherever you like. You can either provide me with photos or we can look together on the internet and find a photograph to base your painting on. Alternatively if it is somewhere local, I love to go and visit and make my own sketches.

Do I need to meet you in person?
It’s great to meet up face to face so I can draw you sketches whilst you are with me and throw around ideas together, however it is certainly not an issue if you are not local to Devon as so much can be done over the phone and via email.

What can I put in the painting?
Once you have decided on the location you would like the painting set next I need to know who you would like in the painting. You can have family members, pets, objects, names on boats – what ever you like to make it special to you! I can help guide you so that the painting does not become overloaded and help with subtle ways to get across ideas that mean something to you individually. Equally you can just have the regular couple that feature in my paintings like the gallery pieces.

What do I need to supply you with?
I would need photos of the family members you would like in the painting

What is the process?
Once we have decided on the location and who you would like in your painting, I draw you some sketches with possible compositions and close ups of the family members. Once you are happy with the composition and character studies I start your painting.

What is it framed in?
The prices above include a large white washed frame, however I am happy to discuss other frame options if you prefer something else. Please note it may affect the price depending what moulding you would prefer.

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