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Artwork Featured on the Welcome to Teignmouth Signs

Something that makes me smile on my way to work is walking past the 'Welcome to Teignmouth' boundary signs - because it features my artwork on them!

It was such a thrill to see these signs put on all four entry points into Teignmouth, knowing they will be there for years to come.

It was a couple of years in the making, getting the illustration perfect - so it isn’t too detailed - but also had enough going on and with important buildings and landmarks to showcase our beautiful town.

I worked with Edward Chorlton, chairman of the Teignmouth Town Centre Management Partnership. He has a long history with the town and together we thought of the key landmarks special to Teignmouth and its community. He also told me of the ‘Teignmouth blue’ that is used throughout the town on lampposts, benches, balustrades and other things and the more I looked around the more I have noticed this! So we decided the text on the sign had to match this blue!

Once we had finalised a design we pitched it to Teignmouth Council - aware that they wanted to renew the signs - and it was an unanimous vote to use our design. I couldn’t be more proud and really do feel privileged to see my work on something that so many people pass everyday and that also welcomes new visitors, giving them a clue as to what can be discovered in our bright and beautiful town.

Welcome to Teignmouth Print

When some locals or visitors see the Boundary Signs they are excited to arrive, they are home, or on holiday, and it symbolises all the excitement to come. After several requests we have created a limited edition print of the artwork so the artwork and that happy feeling can be enjoyed at home too!

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