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A Day in the Life...

People often ask me what a day in my life looks like. We are so blessed to work and live where we do . . .

In the summer, if it’s a nice day, Dave and I walk the long way to work via Holcombe and the beach and you might just catch us having a swim in the sea! After this invigorating start we head to the gallery for a chat about product development, what stock we need to order and to take a look at our emails - but don’t feel sorry for us because first of all we will have a lovely coffee, in our china mugs of course!

And our day doesn’t just involve working in our lovely gallery. Sometimes, while Dave holds the fort and gets to talk with our wonderful customers you will find me on the sea front. No, not indulging in an ice-cream - although Dave thinks I have a sneaky one without him whilst he is working in the gallery, but, no I might be found judging pavement art competitions, painted pebble competitions or doing book readings on the Den. I also get to visit local schools and work with the children painting with them or reading my Goose stories to them. On other days when I hold the fort Dave can be found in the traffic collecting and delivering stock! I think I have the best deal, but don’t tell Dave!

One of my favourite times is when I’m painting in the gallery, especially in the early evening, another favourite for us is heading to the back beach to enjoy the late sun - with a glass of our award winning gin our hands of course!

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