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Teignmouth Airshow 2022

Well, what a busy month July was! Teignmouth hosted the Airshow - it was the first year the Red Arrows have come to Teignmouth - and I was privileged to be asked to create the front cover of the official 2022 Teignmouth Airshow programme.

The day didn’t start quietly at all! The streets were full; we had over 30,000 visitors! The organisers set a table outside the gallery selling programmes and badges and I lost count of how many programmes I signed! The atmosphere was amazing!

From the artwork ‘Roaring Through the Skies!’, created to feature on the front cover of the programme, I released the original and limited edition prints. I was also very excited to have special edition Red Arrow labels on 100 bottles of our award winning seaweed infused gin that’s distilled here in Teignmouth.

Other merchandise we created was wooden magnets that were made locally by Inspirewood; badges and travel cups with a free coffee voucher inside for Pearl’s Parlour.

Proceeds from these went to the airshow. In all we donated £700 along with raising a lot of awareness.

On the day the sky was full of the most amazing displays. From our gallery we watched The Starlings and Team Raven soar through the clouds. Then we heard the distinctive rumble of RAF Lancaster and rushed to the beach to see it. It flew so low on the horizon and you felt you could reach out and touch it!

But an airshow would not be complete without the wonderful RAF Red Arrows soaring through the skies. We watched their magnificent display whilst enjoying a glass of our special edition seaweed gin! And afterwards I was lucky enough to meet Red 10 and give him one of my prints to take back to hang in the Red Arrow office!

We look forward to next year and celebrating this wonderful event again.

I’m off now as I have a picture I need to complete, or maybe I’ll go for a swim in the sea before this wonderful weather ends!!

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