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Summary of my long awaiting summer exhibition!

I have had a busy year of doing my favourite thing, painting! I decided back in winter that I wanted to hold an exhibition in summer, so I set to creating lots and lots of original works to display.

These original works consisted of my Masterpieces, the Sketchbook Series, my personal travel sketches, and French sketches. My Masterpieces are what I’m best known for. They are packed full of detail and feature an array of characters (both humans and animals). These usually take me around 100 hours to complete. I was delighted however, to create the Sketchbook Series this year, for which I used a looser, more fluid and painterly style whilst retaining all the hallmarks of my signature style (fun scenes with bright cheerful colours and characterful people) are still evident. I have loved creating this series as it has allowed me to travel around Devon finding inspiring places to capture. I can paint a wider variety of places than I would normally have time for, as these only take around 3-4 hours to complete. I am regularly asked to paint different places, so this series has presented the opportunity for me to do this!

My personal travel sketches and French travel sketches consisted of quick pictures I creates in situ during my travels in both the UK and France this year, perhaps during a trip to the market, on a hike, or enjoying a picnic near the sea.

We held the exhibition at the gorgeous and atmospheric Riviera in Teignmouth on June 24th 2023. We were delighted and astounded in equal measure by the amount of people who showed up. There was a great buzz as everyone enjoyed my new artworks over a glass of bubbly. It was so enriching to spend time with our treasured customers. And even the weather was delightful, which was great because the Riviera has an amazing balcony overlooking Teignmouth beach which could be utilised!

We sold most of the originals on the night, including George the seagull, a fiberglass seagull I painted to be auctioned off, the proceeds of which went to Heart Heroes. We remain incredibly grateful to the support of our loyal customers at this exhibition and in general, and we can’t wait to have another one sometime in the future. Thank you!

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