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Unwind with ITV shoot in Teignmouth

I was delighted to be asked by Rock Oyster Media to create four timed paintings of Teignmouth for 'Unwind with TV', an ITV series about mindfulness.

This series is available on demand and is aired every day throughout the year. The series seeks to encourage calmness and inner reflection, and overall self-care. It’s a simple and impactful concept, and the program has been viewed over 8 million times. It was a busy and often challenging day filming (not least because of the Great British weather!), as I was asked to paint 4 pictures, with an allocated time of 30 - 45 minutes per painting. I planned the compositions in my head before the shoot, and on the day, I kept the style nice and loose, to avoid getting bogged down in the details. It was a real challenge for me not to overthink everything, and I admit I was a little nervous to start! However, after some snacks and a coffee, I soon found my groove and I am really happy with what I produced. I am also thrilled that ITV were happy to film in Teignmouth, as I am passionate about this town, and to have it showcased in this way was a real treat.

You can watch it now on ITVX – search for ‘Unwind with ITV’ and I am on series 2. I am also on series 3 painting scenes of London, Paris and St Ives :)

One of the paintings created for Unwind With ITV
This was a 45 minute painting created of the Back Beach in Teignmouth
One of the paintings from the shoot with Unwind With ITV
A 20 minute painting looking towards Holcombe

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